Attenborough Lawn Tennis Club

Rules and Regulations

The aim of these rules is to ensure that the Club is a safe, pleasant, and welcoming place for everyone.

  1. These regulations are enacted and enforced by the Club’s Committee and may be changed at any Committee meeting. A copy will be available on the Club’s website and notice boards.
  2. The Club is affiliated to the LTA and the rules of the LTA and the Notts LTA shall also apply.
  3. By joining the Club, all Members agree to be bound by, observe, and comply with the Rules, Policies and Procedures of the Club which are published on the Club website.
  4. Use of Courts
    1. All the Club’s match fixtures, re-scheduled matches, tournaments, men’s match practice, ladies’ match practice, social play, coaching programmes, tennis camps and social events will be posted on the Club’s website and notice boards.
    2. Before playing, members must decide whether courts are safe to use. The Committee may suspend or prohibit play if court/s are deemed unfit. Members must brush the courts after use to maintain them (when weather conditions allow).
    3. Members can book courts 7 days in advance (for 30 mins to 2 hours) using the court booking website page.
    4. Match Practice: Courts 1, 2 and 3 are used for match practice on Wednesday and Thursday evenings by men and ladies respectively.
    5. Social Play takes place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and Bank Holidays or whenever there is a free court.
    6. Juniors have priority use of the courts on Saturday mornings for coaching and Sunday (until 10.30 am) mornings for Junior social play.
  5. Order of Play (Social Play): It is expected that members will make up sets by mixing in (with preference on Saturday afternoons for mixed doubles).  If the courts are in demand, then doubles should take preference over singles and, if people are waiting to play, those on court should play for no longer than one set or 8 games to give others a chance to play.
  6. Damage, Injury and Loss: Neither the Club nor any Committee Member can be held liable for any damage, injury or loss caused by any act or omission of a Club Member.  All Club Members must comply with the Club’s Health and Safety policies and procedures.    Members must accept responsibility for their own safety.
  7. Dress: On the courts, all members must wear appropriate sportswear and non-marking trainers.
  8. Behaviour: Club Members and their visitors shall at all times whilst on the Club premises, conduct themselves in a manner which reflects favourably on the game of tennis and the Club, particularly when in the presence of Juniors. Persistent audible obscenities, swearing, abuse or misconduct of any kind is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Members shall follow any Code of Conduct set out in Club policies, such as the Safeguarding Policy, which are published on the Club website.
  9. Tennis Balls: Throughout the year, good quality balls will be placed at the Club by the ball steward.  Members must return all balls to the clubhouse after play.
  10. Junior Members:
    1. Juniors have priority use of the courts on Saturday mornings for coaching and Sunday (until 10.30 am) mornings for Junior social play.
    2. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons Juniors may join in with adult social play on the recommendation of the Club Coach. These Juniors may also join in with men’s and ladies’ match practise (Wednesdays and Thursday evenings).
    3. A Junior member may be appointed Junior Captain. This is to encourage the social and development potential of the juniors and to give them certain responsibilities. This post is to be at the discretion of the Club Coach /Tennis Development Officer of the Club’s Committee.
    4. Juniors are welcome to use court 4 when it is free, i.e. not being used for coaching, matches or adult play.
    5. Junior members under 12 must be supervised by an adult.  We recommend that parents/guardians know where their children are at all times.
  11. Visitors: Each visitor and accompanying member is to sign the visitors’ book on arrival.  No visitor may be the guest more than six times a year.  Daily visitor’s fees are displayed in the club house.  A visitor’s fees box has been provided in the Club House.  Visitors’ fees should be placed in the box immediately after signing in the guest or posted through the letterbox with a note explaining what they are for.  It is the responsibility of the Club Member to ensure that these Visitor rules are followed and that their Visitors are aware of the Rules, Policies and Procedures of the Club.
  12. Club House: Furniture, crockery, glasses etc must be left tidy after use.  There must be no smoking anywhere on the club premises.  The last users of the premises must see that the Club house is properly locked and the chain is put over the entrance to the car park.
  13. Children: Parents/Carers must see that their children behave correctly and safely when on the Club premises
  14. Prams and Bikes: These are not permitted on the courts.
  15. Animals: No animals or pets are permitted in the Club House. Pets brought to the Club must be on a lead and under control at all times.  In the event of any concerns for the safety or wellbeing of any person, the Committee reserves the right to require the Member or Visitor to remove their pet from the premises.
  16. Parking: Members should park safely and with consideration for other members and neighbours.