Attenborough Lawn Tennis Club

Rules and Regulations

  1. These regulations are enacted and enforced by the Club’s Committee, and may be changed at any Committee meeting.
  2. A copy of the Club’s Rules and Regulations are to be posted on the Club’s main Notice Board.
  3. All the Club’s fixtures, re-scheduled matches, tournaments and social events are to be posted on an annual planner to avoid confusion over dates and playing times.
  4. Reserved Court times for coaching, men’s match practice, ladies match practice,  coaching and other similarly approved sessions by the Club’s Committee are also to be shown on the Club’s main Notice Board.
  5. If expedient a Junior member may be appointed Junior Captain. This is to encourage the social and development potential of the juniors and to give them certain responsibilities. This post is to be at the discretion of the Coaching and Tennis Development Officer of the Club’s Committee.
  6. Dress: On the courts, all members must wear the correct tennis clothes and proper tennis shoes.
  7. Order of Play: It is expected that members will make sets up according to the system suggested by the committee.  Details of this are displayed on the notice board.
  8. Tennis Balls: Throughout the year, good quality balls will be placed at the Club by the ball steward.
  9. Junior and Preparatory Junior Members: On Saturdays and Sundays these younger members may use only court number 4 if the other three courts are required by senior members.  Preparatory junior members must be supervised by an adult.  Access to the club house for junior and preparatory junior members must be under the constant supervision of an adult.  We recommend that parents/guardians know where their children are at all times.
  10. Visitors: Each visitor and accompanying member is to sign the visitors’ book on arrival.  Junior and Preparatory Junior members are permitted only one guest at any one time.  No visitor may be the guest more than six times a year.  Daily visitor’s fees are displayed in the club house.  A visitor’s fees box has been provided in the Club House.  Visitors’ fees should be placed in the box immediately after signing in the guest.
  11. Match Practice: Courts 1, 2 and 3 are used for match practice on Wednesday and Thursday evenings by the men and ladies respectively.
  12. Club Welfare: Club House furniture, crockery, glasses etc must be left tidy after use.  There must be no smoking anywhere on the club premises.  The last users of the premises must see that all chairs are put away, and that the pavilion and sheds are properly locked.
  13. Electricity: Members must no use any other electrical appliance in the Club House other than lights, shower points, water heater, kettle and cleaner.
  14. Children: Parents must see that their children behave correctly when on the Club premises.  In the interests of others, and for their own safety, children should approach no closer than one meter to a court when play is in progress.
  15. Prams and Bikes: These are not permitted on the courts.
  16. Animals: No animals or pets are permitted in the Club House.
  17. Social Play: Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but whenever there is a free court having allowed for Men’s match practice, Ladies Match Practice, Coaching sessions and Matches.
    1. Members are encouraged to mix in.
    2. If the courts are in demand, then doubles should take preference over singles.
    3. If people are waiting to play, then those on court should only play for one set or forty minutes to give others a chance to play.
    4. Junior and Preparatory Junior members are reminded that on Saturdays and Sundays they are only allowed to use court number 4 if the other three courts are required by Senior Members.