Club Membership Subscriptions 2020

In setting subs for this year we need to take account of the following:

  • the club was completely closed for 7 and a half weeks
  • the club is now open but use is restricted with no doubles play, no clubhouse, no matches nor ‘open’ social or group coaching. Some members will not be interested in playing singles.
  • Some members may feel it is too soon/dangerous to be returning to sport
  • the club needs to raise about £90,000 over the next 2 years to pay for the resurfacing of the courts (c£80,000) and possibly the replacement of doors and windows (c£10,000). The courts are well past their ‘sell by’ date and replacement cannot be postponed. The LTA no longer provide grants but may help with loans.
  • We have lost a large source of income in terms of match fees
  • we don’t have the expense of providing tennis balls
  • we have approximately £40,000 in the sinking fund and will be getting some money back from the portable lights which have been returned to the company as they proved unreliable (possibly £10,000)
  • we have received a grant from Broxtowe borough council of £10,000 as part of the Covid 19 assistance programme.
  • Some people may be experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the lockdown/loss of job
  • Some people may have more disposable income at the moment as they are not spending so much
  • the lockdown may return
  • Any changes must be manageable by the volunteers running the club

The Committee reached an agreement on a full year’s membership for 20/21 and are offering a reduction to take account of the 2 month closure and the limits to play/facilities. Current members have the following options:

      1. Pay the reduced fee (in brackets below) for the year and continue to book courts and play within the restrictions. Bearing in mind the points above about the future survival of the club, if members wish to pay the full subscription, that would be most welcome.
      2. Take a ‘furlough’, i.e. technically remain a member and receive information, but not play. When ready to start playing again, you will be offered a pro rata membership, as if you were a new member, according to the months left in the subscription year. If you wish to try playing singles but are not sure about joining fully, you may play as a visitor (£5) for a maximum of 3 times. Place your fee in an envelope with your name on and date of playing so that this visitor fee can be deducted from your membership if/when you join fully.

Attenborough Tennis Club offers different membership to suit all players and new members will be offered a pro rata membership according to the months left in the subscription year (no change)..


SENIOR (26 years and over on 31st March 2020)
£180 (£135) each

‘YOUNG’ SENIOR (Non-student between 18 and 25 on 31st March 2018)
£120 (£90) each

FAMILY (one family at same address. Max of two seniors, plus juniors/student)
£320 (£240) per family

SUMMERTIME (as Seniors from April to September only)
£120 (£60) each

DAYTIME (as Senior, but membership from Mon to Fri, 10:00am to 5:00pm)
£120 (£60) each

STUDENT (18 years and over on 31st March 2018 and in full-time education with a valid student membership card)
£75 (£56) each

JUNIOR (12 to 17 years on 31st March 2018)
£45 (£34) each

UNDER 12’s (up to 11 years on 31st March 2018)
£30 (£22.50) each

VISITOR (with member)
£5 each per session

Should the club be closed again due to another lockdown, everyone’s membership would be extended into the following year so the end of the subscription year would change for everybody.



Cheques should be made payable to ‘Attenborough LTC

Please return form with subscription(s) to
Brandon Mcglave,
Attenborough Tennis Club, Shady Lane, Attenborough, Beeston, Nottinghamshire NG9 6AW



Subscriptions are due by 1st May 2020. Subscriptions paid after 1st June 2020 shall include a £5 surcharge. Memberships shall expire if not renewed by 1st July 2020.



(excluding anyone with membership in the last three years)

Fees are calculated on a pro-rata basis of: £180 less £15 per full month for the period of the subscription year for which they have not been a member i.e. joining mid Sept 2020 will pay £105. New members paying for 6 months or more in their first year, can if they wish, submit up to 3 post-dated cheques together (dated one month apart) as long as the total amount equals the membership fee due for the year.


British Tennis Membership (BTM)

As a Club Member you are eligible for free British Tennis Membership,
for a full list of the benefits, please go the LTA website.

If you wish to enter the club ballot for Wimbledon tickets you MUST be a BTM and also the more club members who sign up, the more Wimbledon tickets the club receives!

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