Attenborough Update August 2020

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News for Members by Jane Bowden

Despite the threat of the virus, the club seems to be being used a lot, which is wonderful. It seems that we will need to keep going with booking courts and booking for social play. The up side though, is that there is much more social play going on, including Sundays.


Adie and Saul have been brilliant at keeping the courts swept but we need to go back to sweeping them ourselves to prevent build up of moss etc. The equipment will be placed back on court but please remember to sanitise your hands before using brushes etc. Also remember to sanitise before starting to play and before leaving the courts or if you have to use the clubhouse for the loo or for water.


Chris does a great job keeping on top of the garden, but we all need to help, especially at this time of year. Please think about taking an hour to do some weeding, trimming of hedges and bushes and anything else which looks messy. We need to tackle the big hedge by court 3. Gary and I did it last year, but we are both a year older and could really do with some help. Please let me know if you’d be prepared to help us, even if it’s just with moving rubbish to the bins or the tip rather than clambering up a ladder. If we can’t get help, then I’m getting a quote from a professional but that is going to cost us £200-£300. We also need to beat the holly bush near to court 1 into submission as it is invading next doors. Does anyone have a chainsaw?


We’ve had 2 complaints from neighbours about parking. The first was justified as the car was half over the Noble’s drive, however, I don’t know that it was a club member. The second, on Reigate Close, was a club member and was not at all justified. The person complaining was quite aggressive and unpleasant but, as I say, Saul checked the car and there was no issue really. So, this is just a reminder to please park thoughtfully in the streets around the club if you have to. A few of our neighbours seem to have a particular dislike of the club and will blame us for anything! Let’s make sure we don’t provide them with any grounds.


I recently circulated a survey from the Notts LTA about the possibility of starting league tennis again in the winter. Thanks to the 25 people who have already responded. If you have an interest in playing matches, please could you get in touch with me ASAP, even if it is to say ‘No’ to all the options, so that I can give the club’s response. At the moment it seems that the men would be prepared to play in any sort of match (including friendlies) but the ladies are much more divided and we’d certainly only be able to field one team at the moment.

Doubles Handicap Tournament:

There have been a few hiccups with this, the latest being someone unable to play due to a broken arm (honestly, the excuses people come up with!) so the final version of the draw is being sent out today hopefully. I have got contact details for everybody so if you need info please get in touch. I was going to send them out for each group but then I remembered the dreaded GDPR! Please get stuck into playing these matches as soon as you can and send results to Saul.

Summer Children’s Club:

It’s been great seeing the children having such a good time at the summer camps. Saul and his helpers are doing a brilliant job with them and it’s been impressive to see the way the children have dealt with the measures put in place to keep everyone safe from Covid 19. In fact, the clubs have been so successful that Saul is looking at the possibility of an extra week which means that they will possibly finish on 27th August.


I am aware that we need to organise an AGM but at the moment am not sure exactly how we can do this under current restrictions. The Committee attempted to meet using Teams but having set up the meeting, it would not let me in!


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  1. Hello Saul, do you have any spaces for Saturday morning coaching for 3 children who can rally aged 11,10 and 8 and a beginner aged 7?

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