The Tennis Club is reopening!

but read the details please.

Given the new regulations re social distancing, the club can now be re-opened as from Wednesay 13th May BUT there are a number of restrictions which must all be followed.

Members of the Committee had a Zoom meeting today to consider the Government rules and LTA guidance and this is what we have set up and agreed upon. Obviously this has been done quickly and we may have to make adjustments as things progress.

You may play at the club if:

  • you are a member. If you were a member last year then you are still a member. We are aware that subs are due and we have agreed the annual fees per category. Our intention is to offer a pro rata reduction to cover the time that the courts have been unavailable but this will be dealt with when we have a clearer idea of how much time has been lost.
  • you are playing singles or having a coaching lesson with Saul. However, if you are playing with others in the same household, such as the Jones family, then you can play doubles. Singles can be played with a person who is not in your household. You should play with that person for the whole session, i.e. there should be no swapping courts/opposition. If the person you want to play with is not a member of the club, they can pay a visitor’s fee (£5) which can be posted through the letterbox. Obviously contact Saul to book 1 to 1 coaching.
  • you observe social distancing rules. Use your own equipment, including balls and mark them so that they are clearly identifiable as yours. Do not touch balls that cross into your space – kick them back or push them with your racket. If you wish to buy a set of 4 balls, contact Saul who has some unused match balls for sale at £5 per can. Please pay by BACS.
  • you have booked a court using the LTA Clubspark system. To book please visit Any issues please contact Saul at or tel. 07944460488. Bookings are available to be made at 6pm 5 days in advance. For example, 6pm on Tuesday evening will open bookings up until end of play Sunday, 6pm on Wednesday for Monday etc. You will need to have registered with the LTA, but, as you know, this is free and straightforward to do.

    There is a limit to 1 booking per day and for up to 2 hours. It is important that when booking you select the correct finish time as you will not be able to make 2×1 hour bookings. Please make sure you play on the correct court you have booked and leave the court 5 minutes before your time is up.

    Court Number 2 may only be booked and used if courts 1, 3, 4 have all been booked. This improves social distancing. This means the maximum number of players will be 8 (unless 4 from a household are playing).

In order to protect everybody please note the following:

  • The clubhouse will remain closed so toilets are not available. Please use the toilet and wash hands for 20 seconds before setting off for the club. You must bring hand sanitiser and use it before you go on court and after playing. It’s difficult for the club to provide this securely. Bring drinks.
  • There will be a basic first aid kit available near to Saul’s shed. Please let me know if there are any accidents.
  • All court ‘furniture’ will be removed including winders, chairs, bins and brushes. The nets will be set at the correct height. Adie has kindly offered to give the courts a brush a couple of times a week.
  • There will be some cleaning fluid placed near to the gate to disinfect the handle. However, it would be better if you used an elbow (or, for those agile enough, a foot!) to slide the gate opener. Leave the gate open after play.
  • Observe the obvious other Government rules re quarantine, coughing into a tissue etc.
  • Remove everything from the court when you leave.

We realise that it is frustrating not to be able to go back to ‘normal’ social play, but we have to stick to these rules to keep open at all. No matter how tempting it is to ‘bend’ these rules, please don’t!


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