ALTC May 2020 Update

Membership fees | Financial Plan | Singles’ League | Current Restrictions
News for Members by Jane Bowden

Membership fees

As you can imagine, sorting out subs for this year has been tricky but we finally reached an agreement yesterday which, hopefully, will ensure the survival of the club but is also fair to members given the current restrictions. We all skim read stuff I know, but in this case please read the whole document so that you can see the whole picture before you make your choice on what to do.

If you decide to join now, please pay by bank transfer if at all possible, not forgetting to put your name as a reference so Brandon (membership secretary) knows who has paid. Complete and sign the application form and again, if possible, scan it and return it to Brandon. If you can’t do this process electronically, you can post it to the club. If your contact details have changed please highlight this.

If you decide to furlough, it would be helpful to know, so again please could you let Brandon know. You will continue to receive information from the club.

Financial Plan

We are currently looking to develop a long term financial plan for the club and if anyone would be interested in helping with this, especially in terms of raising money for the refurbishment of the courts, please get in touch.

Singles’ League

Given the current restrictions on play, we are intending starting the singles’ league as soon as possible. If you would like to join, please contact Phil Birkett on , now.

Current Restrictions

A big thank you to everyone who has followed the new rules and booking system so well. It’s great that the club is busy again! For your information, we have been approached by some top players who are usually based at the tennis centre to ask to use a court for coaching. The details are being finalised but if you seem some fantastic players at the club that you don’t recognise, this is why. It will bring in some income to the club but we will be keeping it under review to make sure that it does not have a detrimental effect on members and their ability to access courts.


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