ALTC November Update

Lights | Noise/Language
News for Members by Jane Bowden


You may be aware that the lights were trialed on Tuesday 29th October and neighbours invited to discuss them. The meeting was difficult as neighbours are very concerned about the impact of the lights. They raised again the question of whether planning permission is needed and, although we are confident that, as they are temporary lights, planning permission is not needed, we are applying to the council for an LDC (Lawful development Certificate). This should confirm that planning permission is not needed.

  1. lights will be used no more than 3 times per week (Tuesday to Thursday)
  2. they will be turned off at 9pm
  3. a log will be kept of when the lights are used
  4. we will work out the optimum positioning of the light heads and the stands to minimise any light spillage to neighbouring properties and will ensure that the lights are only used in these positions
  5. only people who have been trained to use the lights will be able to oversee putting them up and taking them down.

In addition we decided that the lights would not be used this week at all but that they will be used again on Tuesday 12th November to enable coaching to go ahead and to enable experimenting with the placement etc. as in 4. above.

We are hoping to use them again for social play on Wednesday and Thursday next week and I will endeavour to inform you if this changes.

We are hopeful that, once we have gone through this initial period of negotiation, use of the lights will be a regular part of club play during the winter months.


At the meeting with neighbours, mention was also made of some offensive language that had been heard from the courts.  Can I remind everyone that this is covered in our code of conduct which is linked to membership.  If anyone does overhear swearing or other inappropriate language (or behaviour) would you please point out that this isn’t acceptable, particularly as we have young children living right next door.


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