October Update 2019

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News for Members by Jane Bowden


Well the big news is that we have bought floodlights! We have been talking about getting lights for as long as anyone (even David!) can remember, so this is a big development for the club and one which Rick Britton, our Notts LTA link, was very positive about in terms of securing the club’s future. For your information:

  • They are temporary retractable lights which extend to 3 metres and will be put away in the clubhouse after use. These do not need planning permission but neither are they ‘perfect’ in terms of the light produced.
  • There are 8 ‘stands’ with 2 LED lights at the top which can be moved/focused, and 16 lithium ion batteries. This should be sufficient to light 2 courts to allow for coaching and social play. They will not be good enough for match play.
  • The stands fold down into a very compact format so could probably be stored in one of the changing rooms under the benches.
  • We will need to work out the best location for each stand and light in terms of safety, optimising court illumination and protecting neighbours. We have asked neighbours to give us some time to experiment with positioning etc. and to come and discuss any issues with us (or even play) on Tuesday 29th October at 7pm. We will need people to come and play under them, and for committee members to be ready to speak to neighbours on the night. The original plan was to invite them to a Tuesday night coaching session but it is half term so there is no coaching.
  • The lights have been bought on a ‘sale or return’ basis as the company would not do a demonstration at the club. This is their standard procedure and they have never had any lights returned.
  • These lights are valuable so we need to take good care of them. We are looking at ways to secure them in a container at the clubhouse while charging them too.

There has been a slight hiccup with the delivery so, at the moment, we have 8 batteries rather than 16. These will need charging before they can be used so it may be that we can use them for match practice this week (Wednesday and Thursday) or we may not. Sorry to be vague but it does depend on when the remaining 8 batteries arrive and whether we can get them all unpacked and charged in time.

Teams for Winter

  • Having scoured the club for ladies, we decided that we should have enough players to support 2 ladies’ teams, particularly as we have some good juniors coming through as well as some new lady members. Any lady who would be prepared to play a match on the odd occasion, even if you are daytime or summer members, please get in touch if you are prepared to be called upon in an emergency!
  • Captains for the winter are on the website and in the club.
  • Winter fixtures (the amended version) has just been sent out so you know when courts are booked for matches


Please help to keep the courts as leaf free as possible by using the rakes to clear up fallen leaves. If they rot into the carpet we get massive problems with moss and algae making the courts slippery and dangerous. Cleaning costs thousands of pounds! For the same reason, plus to keep the sand spread evenly, the entire courts (including the run back and sides) must always be swept after play unless they are too wet.


The Wimbledon opt in has opened on the LTA website. PLEASE could everyone (even if you are not at all interested in Wimbledon tickets) ensure that:

  • they are members of the LTA (it’s free) and
  • have opted in to the Wimbledon ballot. You have to do this every year so if you’ve done it before, you still have to do it again!

See you under the lights sometime soon!


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