August Update

Grounds and Maintenance | Ice Pack Missing | Junior Sunday mornings | Coaching
News for Members by Jane Bowden

First of there are lots of thank yous to people for their help with all sorts of activities over the summer, especially to those who helped at the last NVBTW in July. Special mention must go to Catherine for running it, the ‘Junior Support Squad’ who helped enormously once more, and to Jo and family for their efforts with ‘scary John McEnroe’. I haven’t heard from the scarecrow trail organiser so I assume we didn’t win! Next year.

Grounds and Maintenance

Chris does sterling work keeping the grounds looking good, aided occasionally by others during working party sessions. After the last session, it was agreed that we needed to have a go at the hedge to the right of court 3 as well as finishing off the other hedge next to our neighbours. If we can do these ourselves there are 2 benefits: the moss is less likely to grow on court 3 (saving us money in specialist cleaning) and we save the club literally hundreds of pounds that hedging companies charge. We do not necessarily need to have another working party session but just a few people could get together to have a go at the court 3 hedge and tackle it over several short sessions. I have battery operated cutters, including the telescopic ones with a head that tilts so you can reach the top of the hedge which I am prepared to lend to the club. Unfortunately, I am away for the next 3 weekends so can’t actually do the work myself. Gary Smerdon-White is prepared to have a go but we agreed that there should be at least 2 people working on any projects at the club for safety reasons. Is anyone happy to help Gary with this? If so, please can you let me know ASAP and I will pass on details to Gary. The alternative is that we wait until September when it may not be so easy to do it ourselves.

Ice Pack Missing

Does anyone know where the club ice pack might be? This is a particularly useful bit of H and S kit.

Junior Sunday mornings

We are exceptionally fortunate to have Andy who takes the Sunday morning social tennis session for junior members of the club. He’s obviously doing a great job as so many youngsters have been turning up. Thanks to those parents who have joined in with the sessions to help. It really makes a huge difference. These sessions will be restarting in September and it’s hoped to provide a bit of training to helpers so they can help even more!


Saul had now been with the club for 2 years and has made a massive difference to the coaching program and the way it is more a part of the club. We now have another assistant coach called Elise who also offers individual coaching for adults and members. Contact Saul via Attenborough Tennis Academy for full details. Don’t forget that there is still cardio on a Tuesday evening from 7 till 8pm. Given that it is summer holiday time, Saul has asked people interested in the cardio to contact him with availability over the summer so that he can decide whether it is viable to run it.


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