February Update

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News for Members by Jane Bowden

Please read carefully as there is an awful lot of very important info here!


All the courts, including court 4, have now been cleaned and treated for moss at quite considerable cost. We need to ensure that we look after the courts carefully to reduce the need for cleaning in future. Please

  • before use, remove debris from the courts using the plastic rakes (this avoids removing the sand)
  • after use, brush the whole court including the ‘alley’ between courts, and the backs between the baselines and the fencing, as this is where the moss tends to grow.

Volunteers needed

The club runs on the goodwill of numerous volunteers and we are in need of some help with specific jobs:

  • Someone to help Andy on a Sunday morning (9 till 10.30) with junior social play. Andy leads this session but it would be great to have someone just to join in with the children; you do not need to be a coach or a whizz tennis player, just someone who enjoys helping kids enjoy themselves!
  • Fundraising: We are looking at having temporary retractable lights for next winter so that coaching and adult play can continue throughout the year. We also need to be planning for replacing the court surface within the next few years. Anyone who has been to East Bridgford recently will be aware of the huge improvements that have been made there due to a dedicated fundraiser – they have a new clubhouse and lights similar to those we are looking at. Is there anyone who could take a lead on this? The guy at East Bridgford would be an enormous help with this.
  • Chair – Bob has continued for many months beyond his resignation but we need someone who could take over.
  • Secretary – I have been secretary for quite a few years now and gave notice at last year’s AGM that I would do one more year. That year ends on 30th June at the next AGM. Please give it some thought. I am more than happy to help ‘induct’ a new secretary and, despite historical precedent, the Secretary does not need to be female!


We are looking at getting a defibrillator at the club. If anyone has any experience with getting one of these for the community could you please have a word with Dean.

Also on a First Aid note, we want to publicise those members who have (up to date) first aid qualifications. At the moment we know of Bob, Andy and Saul. Please let me know if you have done a course in the past 3 years.

Going to the Dogs

This is our first major fundraiser towards lights/new courts. Please contact Saul for tickets (£5 instead of the normal £8) for an evening at the Greyhound racing at Colwick racecourse on Friday 22nd February.

Tennis Balls

As ever, this remains a contentious issue. Unusually for most clubs, we provide balls for social play. It seems that someone is removing decent balls from the clubhouse and sometimes replacing them with rubbish ones. The committee has decided to keep on providing balls for social tennis but remind everyone that no balls are to be removed from the club at any time. This will allow Dean (ball steward) and Saul to know exactly what is available in the social play cupboard and to remove ‘dead’ balls for recycling (for which we get a fee) and replace them with ex match balls. There should always be 4 sets of decent balls in the social play cupboard. Captains, please continue to place match balls in the match ball cupboard.


There are still a number of members who haven’t registered with the LTA as a British Tennis member (easy to do online and free!) and who haven’t opted into the Wimbledon draw. The club gets allocated tickets on the basis of the number of members who have opted in. We then get to run a draw for those tickets for the people who want them. PLEASE check your BT membership status and your opt-in status now. The closing date is approaching fast!


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