Attenborough Update October 2018

Court 3 | Beware of the cat! | Fixtures Secretary | Social Play
News for Members by Jane Bowden

A couple of warnings for you.

Court 3

This court must not be used until we have solved the problem of the slipperiness. You may be aware that a member recently slipped near the edge of the court and has dislocated and broken his wrist in a number of places. We have worked on the court to remove ‘gunge’ and have added sand but this has not solved the problem. We are getting quotes from a number of places to have the court edge cleaned and moss killed but until that has happened, please use only courts 1, 2 and 4.

Beware of the cat!

On a lighter note, we seem to have been adopted by a very friendly cat. It appears to be quite fearless and wanders into the clubhouse where it sleeps! Unfortunately this means it is liable to be locked in unless a careful check is made before locking up. We thought we had checked everywhere on Thursday evening and were about to leave when we found it snoring on the wooden shelving! Alternatively, just keep the door closed to stop it going in.

And not a warning!

Fixtures Secretary

John Abbiss has kindly volunteered to take over as Fixtures Secretary from Bob, so all queries should be addressed to him now. Many thanks to Bob who has tackled this key job for so many years and calmly endured the chaos that is the fixtures meetings to produce his well organised fixtures list for the club. Thanks also to the many people who attended the fixtures meeting last month to help out – it really makes a difference.

Social Play

A reminder that the courts are largely unused during the daytime, so, with nights drawing in, people may like to organise some social play during the week. The daytime players do use the courts (mostly court 4) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings but otherwise courts are generally free.

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