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News for Members by Jane Bowden

May Bank Holiday

On Bank Holiday Monday, 7th May, there will be social tennis from 1.30pm. Everyone welcome. Before that, starting at midday, there will be a working party to tidy the clubhouse and grounds prior to the GBTW the following weekend. There shouldn’t be a massive amount to do as the hedges are under control, but the weeds are growing like mad and could do with being sorted. Bruce, our resident lawn cutter man, has been doing a great job keeping the lawn looking good, but another tidy around the edges will make it even better. Please bring tools etc. that you think you might need.

The Great British Tennis Weekend

This year’s first GBTW will take place between 2 and 5pm on Sunday 13th May. For those who have not experienced one before, it is an open day and a chance to show what a great club we are! It is a nationally advertised and LTA resourced event although we need to do some local advertising.


In the clubhouse are some A4 size posters and some postcards for our event. If you know of some good places to put up the posters or to hand out the postcards, feel free to take some. Just check that you’ve got the ones for May 13th (we have another GBTW in July). Please spread the word also on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. The event is aimed at adults and children.


Saul will be leading some mini tennis sessions for children (court 4) and will also lead a cardio session (court 1). People can book on these via the Clubspark website or can just turn up. It helps with planning if they book obviously. In addition, we are hoping to have some adult coaching sessions and some free play on courts 2 and 3.


Saul has the mini tennis rackets but we may need to borrow rackets for adult visitors. If you have any spares could you bring them down on the day.


We will need volunteers to:

  • decorate the club and get it ready (balloons, signs etc.)
  • meet, greet and register people as they arrive
  • assist Saul with his coaching sessions, especially the mini tennis
  • sort out refreshments (hot and cold drinks, biscuits and, possibly, depending on numbers and the weather, strawberries and cream.
  • play with the visitors, including any children who want to try mini tennis when Saul is doing something else.
  • ‘farewell’ people as they leave and provide them with any information, e.g. the special membership forms with the special offer on membership for May (25% off what they would have paid). Bob has done these and there will also be posters around with the info on.
  • generally help with welcoming people and showing them how lovely we all are!

To make it easy for visitors to know who is a member, we have a number of special GBTW T-shirts. Some people still have theirs from last time. If you aren’t able to help on the day, could you bring your shirt to the club so someone else can use it please. We can give out the new ones on the day but, as there won’t be enough for everyone, perhaps you could wear a similar colour T-shirt (bright blue).

It would be incredibly helpful if people who are able to volunteer for this event could let me know their availability and if they have any preference for jobs!

This is a really important event for us in meeting our aim of increasing membership for the club and developing the coaching programme.


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