Attenborough Update August 2017

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News for Members by Jane Bowden


As many of you will know, Paula Hammond our President died early this year. At the last committee meeting the Committee voted unanimously to ask David Yorke to step up from Vice President to President and I am delighted to report that he has accepted this invitation.

After 30 years of involvement in the Committee, Mike Abrahamson has decided to step down. Mike has been involved in many developments in not only the club but also in tennis generally in the Nottinghamshire area. He was particularly involved in the development and introduction of the short format leagues. Many thanks Mike. We hope you will still be able to come and play at the club.

Bob Bridges has also given notice that he is retiring from the position of Chair of the Committee with effect from the end of September. The next few years are going to be really exciting for the club as we look to develop the clubhouse and courts. We have some keen and energetic Committee members who are committed to the development… but we need a Chair! Please contact me or Bob to find out more.

The current Committee is a little unbalanced! There is just one woman and the rest of the committee are men. I recently wrote to ask people to consider taking on the role of Welfare/Safeguarding Officer and it would be great if someone would take this on and, at the same time, double the number of females on the Committee. I stress that it really is not an onerous job at all, nor are there loads of committee meetings – about 8 a year.

Grounds and Maintenance

Hopefully you will have noticed that the grounds are looking good. The shed has been reroofed – many, many thanks to Roger who rescued what was a very sad looking structure and has made it waterproof for all Saul’s coaching stuff. The hedges have been cut – thanks to Chris who organised ‘Went to Mow’ to do this. And some of the decorating has been done! Unfortunately the decorator is pretty booked up so will do the majority of the work starting on 9th October. It’s nice to have the kitchen done though.

Please do remember to sweep the courts after use.

Tennis Coaching

Saul has made a great start as our coach. The programme will continue to evolve and already there are some changes to that initially proposed. Cardio on a Monday evening (6 till 7) will continue and another session on Sunday afternoons (3 till 4) will start next Sunday. Lots of these type of sessions are open to non members, so please encourage friends and relatives to come and have a go. Cardio, in particular, is great fun and it really doesn’t matter what standard tennis you play – you can still get an enormous benefit from it.

Miscellaneous Matters

Subscriptions – We are nearly at the end of August and yet there are still a number of members who have not paid their subs but are still using the club. Please could you sort this out. It isn’t fair on those members who do pay promptly and it certainly isn’t fair on Bob who has to keep chasing people for fees.

Tennis balls – We get money for the club by recycling old tennis balls (even if they are absolutely rubbish!) so please return all balls to the clubhouse.


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