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Liz Pye 8s Doubles tournament | Wimbledon ballot | Committee meeting

A reminder that the Liz Pye 8s Doubles tournament takes place this Saturday, 24th September. EVERYONE is welcome to join in. The format is that you are allocated a different partner for each round. You play 4 games with your partner and 4 games against, i.e. a total of 8 games in all per round, and you keep your own score of games won. In the next round you get a different partner. The fun starts at 1.30 but, because of the format, latecomers and early leavers can be accommodated. There will be a very small entrance fee which will go to a worthy cause (more info on the day). It might be nice to bring something to share for refreshments. It should be a really fun, social event and a chance to meet and mix with a range of club members.

Another reminder that everybody needs to be both a member of British Tennis/LTA (it’s free) and to have opted in to the Wimbledon ballot. The more people who opt in, the more tickets the club is allocated to share out in the ballot. If you are not a member or have not opted in, you are not allowed to access tickets in the club ballot. This happened this year to some members who ‘won’ tickets but could not be allocated them because they had not opted in. Even if you are not interested in going to Wimbledon, if you opt in, the club gets more tickets allocated to add to the ballot. It’s very easy to do online.

Committee meeting is on Monday 26th September. Any issues you wish to raise, please let me know or any other committee member.


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