Attenborough Update 16/6

News for Members by Jane Bowden
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This is well overdue as the result of some serious broadband and computer malfunctions, plus an unasked for Outlook update which wrecked my distribution list. So lots of info is on its way. I will try to be brief.

Finals’ Day

The new approach to finals’ day worked well with timed starts for each set of matches. The results are attached. Many thanks to our new organisers, Saul and Doug, who have built on the work of Mike Ab, to manage a very good tournament despite the awful weather. Thanks for those who contributed to the rather fine tea and for those who ensured there was little left at the end! If anyone has any photos from Finals’ Day, please can you let me have them for circulating and for the website.


Thanks to people for staying on after the Finals’ Day presentation for the AGM. We started pretty late – apologies for that – but it was an important and useful meeting. I will circulate info about this separately.


The new ball system is still not quite working correctly as someone is still removing balls from the left hand cupboard without entering it on the ‘register’ on the door. Also someone is placing well used balls in the right hand cupboard, again without recording it. The right hand cupboard should only have balls in that have been used for one match. If we can’t sort this out, we will either have to change the locks or stop providing balls – neither option is a good one.


A reminder that the club rules clearly state that dogs are not allowed at the club and certainly should not be running around loose. This is particularly important when we have visitors at the club, including the postman and children attending summer camps, who may provoke dogs into behaviour which is atypical.

Singles’ League

The singles’ league is up and running following the club tournament. Please ensure that your matches are played regularly and results sent to Doug.

Team Info plus

Saul Abbiss is the new 1st Team Captain. Thanks to Bob for managing this team so successfully in the past. Congratulations also to Saul on joining the committee – it’s brilliant to have some of our younger players becoming involved in the running of the club – and also on being awarded his Level 3 Coaching Award.

Club coaching team

OTB have confirmed that Alex and Chris McGill are our coaches now following the departure of Joss. Andy and Dan Gardner also provide coaching.

Grounds and Courts

We are still awaiting sand being spread following the court cleaning but Bob is on the case! Following the neighbour’s email regarding their house potentially disappearing under a mound of hawthorn and convolvulus/bindweed, the hedge has been cut, but there is still work to be done on pulling out the convolvulus at the base. Anyone who can do five minutes of weeding, clearing cuttings or joining in the war on convolvulus would be much appreciated. There are a few weeds around the base of the court fences which could be pulled out too.

Thanks to Chris for getting the new signs sorted for the courts.

Aegon Competition

Our team did well in this new competition and finished 4th.

Other Competitions

Summer matches are well under way. As usual they are mostly at home on Sunday mornings enabling us to have family social play on Sunday afternoons. However, due to the pressure on courts, it is occasionally necessary to have matches at other times. If you are not sure, please check the website or your own list of matches which accompanied your membership letter from Bob.


It’s been great to have some men coming down on Thursday evenings. Please feel free to join us!


Adam Maddock suggested at the AGM that the club would benefit from a greater presence on social media. He has already set up a new, open Facebook page. Please check it out and ‘like’ it. Thanks Adam.

Next Committee Meeting

Monday 18th July at 7.30. There will be social play before the meeting from about 6pm – all welcome.


I have been asked to advertise Ladies’ Social (but competitive!) badminton on Tuesdays, 9.30 to 11.30 at Chilwell Olympia – £5 per session. Please contact


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