Attenborough Update 16/5 – AGM

News for Members by Jane Bowden
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  • As mentioned previously, the AGM will be held on Sunday 26th June, immediately following Finals’ Day presentations.
  • The time given on the agenda is therefore approximate.
  • The minutes of last year’s AGM.
  • Last year we had a fantastic turnout at the AGM, which was really appreciated by the Committee and, hopefully, this will happen again this year.
  • One of the most important elements of the AGM is the election of officers and it is really important that some younger club members start to get involved with the running of the club and helping to direct it.


  • The club tournament is well under way now and results are posted on the noticeboard at the club.
  • Please make sure that you organise your matches ASAP, especially if there are preliminary rounds to be played before the main draw can start.
  • We don’t want to still be playing rounds on the morning of the 26th!


  • The company who cleaned the courts are returning to add more sand this week, which should help improve the consistency of the bounce and also stop people ‘sticking’ to the carpet.


  • Apologies for the late notice, but there is a Men’s 4th Team match this afternoon at 2.30
  • Court 4 will still be available for Family Social play or you might like to go and support this new team made up of youngsters paired with more experienced players.


  • Membership fees were due on 1st April.
  • We are now more than 2 months over that date.
  • Only members can play at the club, in social, match or tournament play.
  • If you do intend joining, please contact Bob immediately.

Clubhouse and Grounds

  • Hopefully, you will have noticed an improvement in the clubhouse, with furniture being rearranged and boards and shelves cleared of clutter.
  • Many thanks to the Abbiss bunch who did a lot of this.
  • There is also a table tennis table – thanks to Graham Whittaker I believe.
  • We are gradually working through the issues raised by the survey and trying to improve the club.


  • Another issue raised in the survey was the quality of balls for social play.
  • As you are aware we have changed the procedure by which balls from matches get fed into the cupboard for social play, and also instigated a regular check on those balls for social play, so that poor ones are removed and added to the coaching ‘buckets’.
  • Unfortunately, the system has been impeded by someone removing balls from the cupboards. In order to monitor this more closely there will be a ‘register’ system for tracking balls going into and out of each cupboard. Hopefully this will help us to stop the disappearances!

Thursday evening play

  • Please remember that Thursday evening (6pm onwards) is open to men as well as ladies although ladies doubles does take priority.
  • Thanks to those men who have turned up – especially those who were prepared to play a men versus ladies doubles to give our better ladies a bit of a challenge!


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