Great British Tennis Weekend

We are just under a fortnight away from a great chance to showcase the club! The GBTW will be on Saturday 14th May and will run from 1pm to about 4pm. All the details are on the Clubspark website which can be reached by googling Great British Tennis Weekend. As in previous years, we will be asking for help from members to ensure that the club makes people welcome and ensures that they have a good time (and therefore join us!).


There is some bunting at the club but if anyone has any more, especially if it is red, white and blue, that would be really helpful.

Helpers/T shirts

Last year we had lots of people helping which was brilliant. Even better, they were easy for visitors to identify because they wore the official t shirts or had one in a similar colour (a bright light blue). We will need the same this year so could you please make a note in your diary about coming and helping on that day. Helpers met and greeted visitors, registered them, took photos, played with people who had no partner, showed visitors where things were, and generally just chatted to people. If you could just drop me an email indicating whether you are available to help, that would be really great.


There will be a free draw for visitors. I have got some prizes from OTB, but if you have anything tennis related to donate, or could persuade others to donate, please let me know.

Strawberries and cream and other refreshments

Visitors in the past have been really complimentary about the refreshments. Is there anyone who could take charge of organising a few people to sort this. It will mean buying and serving the strawberries and cream, plus teas, coffees etc. and biscuits. The club will pay for these provided you get receipts and, in fact, I’m going to try to get the LTA to fund this as it is a part of what makes out day successful.

Publicising the event

This is probably the most important part. If you are on one of the local social media sites, such as Streetlife, perhaps you could advertise the event, stressing

  • it’s free
  • fun and involvement is the focus
  • all ages and all abilities
  • variety of activities including free play, tennis Xpress (for adults), cardio tennis and short tennis for children
  • refreshments
  • free draw for all attendees
  • we’re friendly!
  • register at the Clubspark website

We also need to put the posters and banners in the clubhouse in some local places. If you could take some of the posters or cards to spread around please feel free to do so. The 2 banners need our date and location adding to them and then needs to be placed in strategic locations. Does anyone know if we need permission to put a banner on the railings at the traffic lights?

Unfortunately, I will not be in Nottingham for the GBTW so would like to get everything set up in plenty of time.


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