One off Team/pair/match coaching

Dear all

Please see below the offer from Matt Wildt re a one off adult/match training session to be held on Thursday 7th April.

The idea is to get some tactical input for social and league matches rather than specific skills, although I’m sure there will be some work on skills too.

Please could you let me know

  • If you would be interested in this
  • what time would be best (or times to be avoided if this is easier)
  • what you would like to work on.

Sorry to rush you but I need an answer pretty quickly, say by Monday 28th March please.


Hi Jane,

I am available to deliver Team Training on Thursday 7th April.
I will be delivering the junior camp in the day which finishes at 3.30pm. I’m happy to start from 4pm and run until 7pm. This might suit a smaller group/pair from 4-5pm to do specific work with their partner. Then we can run a larger session from 5-7pm.

The cost is £30 per hour. Let me know what times you would like and the area which you would like to work on.


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