Attenborough Update 15/12

News for Members by Jane Bowden
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Dear All

New Website

The new website, designed by Dennis Bell to be mobile and tablet friendly, has now been launched and you should find all the info has been updated. If there is anything wrong or missing, or that you would like added to the website, please let me know. We would like some more photos to show off the club so if you have any that might be suitable please let me know. Thanks to Dennis for his patience with this re development.

Wimbledon Ballot

It may seem a bit early to be talking about Wimbledon, but in order to maximise the number of tickets allocated to the club, all members need to be registered British Tennis members and to have opted in this year. The LTA have changed the rules and each person has to opt in every year. You should have received an email about this from the LTA. Please do not ignore this; opt in NOW as the closing date is very soon. Opting in does not mean that you are committed to going, it just used to calculate the allocation for the club and then we hold our own ballot for those who sign up.

Grounds and Maintenance

Many thanks to those people who came down a few Saturdays ago and helped to fill the skip with the most amazing amount of junk! Also to those who have contributed by doing some of the jobs on the list at other times. Some of the clubhouse was spring cleaned and the grounds were cleared of a lot of growth. As a result, when/if you hit a ball out, you should be able to rescue it without being attacked by holly and other growth. We are still waiting for a quote on getting more trees trimmed but hopefully that will be sorted soon. Outstanding/completed jobs are shown on the attached list.

Winter Play

This continues to be an issue for us due to our inability to get floodlights. However, this year’s solution is to book 3 courts outdoor courts at the Tennis Centre on a Wednesday evening. Some people start at 5pm but others come for 6pm and we finish at 8pm. Balls are provided by the club and the whole session costs individuals an amazingly low £2! All 3 courts have been used so far, but there is room for a few more players to join in.

GBTW Tee Shirt Return

If you haven’t already done so, could you please pass any shirts that you have from our open day to Cindy ready for next year.

Singles League

Congratulations once again to everyone who took part in this competition. Full results are on the website. Special thanks again to Doug for his tenacity and organisation!

Adult Xpress

On the Ball are running an Adult Xpress session at George Spencer School, on Tuesdays from 7-8pm. Contact OTB to register.

Next Committee meeting

Next Committee meeting: Monday 9th November at 7.30pm


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