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News for Members by Jane Bowden
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Dear All

Finals’ Day

Well, we were blessed with good weather once again although it was a bit blustery, and had a wonderful afternoon yesterday. Congratulations to all the winners of course, but also to everyone who took part. Also many thanks to everyone who brought food, officiated, brushed courts, cleared up and generally supported. The biggest thanks of course go to Mike Ab for all the organising, including the chivvying of people where necessary. Having indicated it’s a bit of a thankless task, we now need someone to take it on next year. It might be a good idea of a couple of people to take it over; we seem to be making a habit of job sharing at the club!

Coaching for Adults

We are still getting expressions of interest in joining the club, including from adult beginners/returners. Over the summer the coaching profile changes due to coaches being involved in summer camps for children and also because demand tends to fall off in the summer when lots of people are away. Having said that, Tuesday night Pay and Play will be definitely be continuing (timing likely to be 6.30 to 8pm but to be confirmed) and there may be Wednesday morning Pay and Play if there is sufficient demand. OTB are asking players what they would like.

For more advanced coaching there remains the possibility of private lessons for individuals or small groups with one of the OTB coaches. We now have a replacement for Ross, Joss Marshall, who is a level 3 coach (same as Ross). Joss has already started taking sessions. He has been with OTB for a number of years and is, of course, fully vetted. Contact details for booking coaching are:
– Chris: 07946 3705130
– Joss: 07769 159386
– Matt: 07985 081484

Gardening Working Party

Sorriya has made numerous efforts to find a gardener for the club but without success. We have our ‘mystery gardener’ who does loads to maintain the grass and flower beds, but we are beginning to get complaints from the neighbours about the hedge/shrubs next to the path. These are new neighbours and we do not want to get off to a bad start with them – remember how many balls end up in their garden/swimming pool! Could Saturday players please come down at 12:00/12:30 next Saturday and bring shears/electric hedging shears/loppers/strong gloves/pruning shears or anything else that might be useful for cutting back the hedge. Unfortunately it is largely hawthorn (hence the strong gloves) plus ivy and convolvulus. We can perhaps also do a bit of weeding around the courts too.


This Thursday 23rd July there is a ladies’ match at home so only one court will be available for social/match practice.

The next committee meeting will be on Monday 3rd August. There will be social tennis beforehand from 6pm and, for non committee members, during the meeting.

Find us on Facebook

We would like to build a strong Facebook page so that we can use this as a way of communicating regularly with people, e.g. to check out when people are going to play.

Singles league matches are continuing – please keep playing your matches!




Men's singles final
Saul serving

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