Attenborough Update 15/8

News for Members by Jane Bowden
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Hi there

It’s great to see the club so busy at the moment with tournament matches and singles league matches being played. Thanks to Mike and Doug respectively for their organisation of these things.

Tournament: Finals Day

Finals Day is next Sunday 19th July and usually starts around midday although some matches might start earlier – see noticeboard for exact timings. There’s always good support on Finals Day from members, and traditionally, we have an afternoon tea overseen by Liz. Please could you bring a contribution to this; just something that you would like to eat! Cakes, sandwiches, crisps, fruit, anything really. We will also need people to be prepared to judge lines and umpire. Hopefully none of the players will behave like Kyrgios towards the umpire!


We have tried to improve communication but there are still times when people need to know quickly about things going on at the club. We have had some discussions with Dennis Bell, our ‘Webmaster’, and are looking at improving the website. If anyone has any ideas on what could be done please let me know and I will pass the ideas on. In addition, please note that we do have a Facebook page and, if we can get people using that regularly, we can send timely messages , e.g. about social tennis and who is going. Please sign up and make sure you get Facebook alerts when there is a new post.

Social Play

Related to that, it would be good to get Sunday social play going again and also Monday evenings if people are interested. Please consider using the Facebook page to indicate whether you will be interested in playing in these sessions or for indicating when you are definitely going to play. There will be social play on Monday 3rd August from 6pm as there is a Committee meeting that evening.


The situation with ladies remains fairly critical and we have had to concede a match because we could not get a team out. We have considered only letting men join if they bring a woman with them, but decided that was a step too far!!! Fortunately, we do have a few new (and very keen) younger lady players, so please continue to spread the word about the club and encourage new members.


As some of you will be aware, Ross has accepted a job in Hong Kong. It’s a real loss to the club and at present I am waiting for information from On the Ball about a replacement. I understand that they will be covering the sessions previously taken by Ross and will let you know further information when I receive it. Best wishes to Ross on his new adventure.

Grass Court Tennis

The Committee is currently exploring the possibility of forming links with Chilwell Memorial Tennis Club to enable their players to use our courts through the winter and for our players to use their grass courts. It is still early days but it would be helpful if people could give feedback to committee members about their feelings on this.

Visitors/Non Members using the courts

We are keen for people to use our courts and to enjoy tennis, so we are not too officious about exactly how many times people can come to the club as a visitor. However, it is unfair if people are using the courts who are not members and do not pay a visitor’s fee. Our subscriptions go towards the cost of upkeep of the club and the courts, and if you are using the facilities then it is only fair that you should also contribute. Certainly, if you are using the club several times a week then you should be a member. If you are playing with a visitor, please ensure that they sign the book and leave £3 in the box. If the clubhouse is closed please ‘post’ the money, preferably with a note about who it is from, through the letter box.

Next Committee Meeting

Monday 3rd August, at 7.30 in the Club house.


See you on Sunday!



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