Attenborough Update 15/6

News for Members by Jane Bowden
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Dear All

A few bits of info.


Many thanks to everyone who attended our event on Saturday 16th May; we had a great turnout from members and it was good to see people getting involved with our visitors. Special thanks to those who provided refreshments and to our coaches, Ross and Andy, who did an amazing job working right through the day with a wide range of activities and players. Those people who got an LTA ‘Here to Help’ T shirt, please keep these safe for next year!

The main aim of the GBTW is to recruit new members and we have got 9 new members including 4 new ladies. We need to keep going with this push for new members, so please advertise the club wherever you can. I’ve attached the ‘Special Offers’ on membership; the club ones are now extended to the end of June and the LTA one (£29 for a family membership for 8 weeks) runs till the end of September.

Pay and Play

A key source of recruitment has been through Pay and Play. Adult sessions take place on Tuesday evenings, Wednesday mornings and Saturday mornings. The Tuesday evening session will run from 7 till 8.30 as of Tuesday 2nd June (i.e. not from 6.30 to 8). Cost is £5 for non members and £2.50 for members (a very good deal as coaching is given). OTB are also running a Thursday evening session for girls. Full details are available from Ross of OTB coaching.


The turnout for the AGM was stunning! I have never seen so many people at an AGM at the club, so thank you, on behalf of the Committee, for your support and interest. It makes such a difference and, hopefully, you found out something of interest too.


Please make sure that these are paid as soon as possible. Contact Bob for any queries.

Wimbledon tickets

The draw has now been done and those who were successful will have received notification from Sorriya.


Thanks for the various ‘tip offs’ we’ve had about flooring possibilities. We missed the auction of carpet tiles but have obtained quite a lot of discarded carpet from the University (thanks Fiona). Now we need to fit it… In the meantime please take care in the clubhouse as the rolls of carpet are scattered about. If you know of anyone who could help with this for a reasonable price please let us know.

Tennis Camps

It was good to see so many youngsters really enjoying the half term tennis camp this week. There will be 5 weeks worth (15 days in total) over the summer. Please book via Ange Hamilton at OTB.

Next Committee meeting: Monday 15th June at 7.30 in the clubhouse. Please note that committee members usually come down early so there will be social play from about 6pm that night with no need to organise partners. Just turn up and play.



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