Attenborough Update 15/4

News for Members by Jane Bowden
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Dear All

The new season has now started although we are still finishing off winter league matches and some of the summer ones don’t start until August! There’s a lot going on which you need to be aware of and which also needs your support.


Are now due. You should have received an email from Bob. There is now the facility to pay by bank transfer but please still let Bob and Mike Bleaney (treasurer) know. There are some new membership forms in the red drawers in the clubhouse for your use and for passing on to people who make any enquiries about membership.


Increasing membership is vital, particularly as we have a number of plans for improving the club. With this in mind, we will be holding another Open Day, also known as The Great British Tennis Weekend on Saturday May 16th from 1.30 till 3.30pm. This was hugely successful last year and we had about 80 participants and a great deal of support from members in helping with activities organised by On the Ball coaches. We will be doing something very similar to last year but will aim to improve the event based on feedback from members and from participants. You will see adverts all over the place which the LTA are sponsoring. Clubs have 3 weekends to choose from and the LTA are providing a large number of adaptable resources to support the events in clubs all over the country. Finally, the LTA seem to have got the message that grass roots, club tennis needs their help!

We are trying to develop a relationship with Notts Uni with a view to attracting some of the students when they graduate and can no longer access Uni facilities. There was a very successful match between the Uni and the men’s second team last month and another match is proposed for May. Many thanks to Doug for organising. The match against the ladies is proving a little more problematic to arrange but we are still hoping to get a ladies afternoon once the students return and are through their exams.

Is there anybody/group of people, perhaps with marketing experience, who could co-ordinate an advertising ‘blitz’ for the club in local free newpapers/magazines and on noticeboards, or any other places they can think of, e.g. local authority courts? Please contact Bob or Mike. This might suit a student who is interested in/studying marketing.


As notified previously, the AGM will be held on Saturday May 16th starting at 4pm. Yes, this is the same day as the GBTW and the hope is that people will come to support the open day and will stay on to support the AGM (and finish off any strawberries and cream left over from the open day!). The committee really needs members to attend and hear what we are doing/hoping to do and to provide your views. No-one will be forced to join the committee – honestly! – (I know that’s why some people don’t like to attend) although we are always pleased to have new members, especially young ones, to add their views to discussions and decision making about the club.

Weekly Tennis Programme

Given changes to membership etc. the committee has decided to make some changes to the weekly club programme:

Tuesday: Pay and Play run by OTB starting at 6pm till 7.30 initially although this will change to 6.30 till 8pm from May 19th.
Wednesday: Men’s night from 6pm
Thursday: Mixed social from 6pm although priority will be given to ladies doubles if numbers permit (this is a change!) There may also be the occasional coaching for match play session from OTB and it is also hope to run another adult Pay and Play session here.
Saturday am: Parent/Junior coaching run by OTB from 9am
Saturday pm: Adult social from 1.30.
Sunday am: Junior social run by Andy and Dan Gardiner till 10.30/matches
Sunday pm: Adult social from 1.30. (but check for the occasional match)

Please note that courts are available for use at all other times (including Monday evenings) but you will need to organise your own players.


Teams have been extraordinarily successful this winter with the Mixed 1, Ladies 1 and Men’s 1 and 3 teams gaining promotion and/or winning their leagues. Unfortunately, it looks as if a couple of the other teams may drop a league. With the departure of a some of team captains/teams the Summer league teams and captains are:

Men’s 1 – Chris Lacey
Men’s 2 – Roger Parsons/Graham Whittaker
Men’s 3 – Dean Skrabania
Ladies 1 – Vacant
Mixed 1 – Bob Bridges
Mixed 2 – John Outram
Mixed 3 – Cindy Belton

Many thanks to Mandy, Doug and Louise for their captaining over the past years; it’s not always an easy job getting teams out! Everyone’s efforts are very much appreciated. Best of luck too, to Mandy on her move.

Wimbledon Tickets

At a recent meeting with the LTA, they apologised for the fiasco over trying to register for Wimbledon tickets. Apparently they used it as a way of getting their membership records updated but the system couldn’t cope. However, it seems that we have still got the same allocation as in previous years. Sorriya will be posting information about the ballot for the available tickets on the notice board.


Don’t forget that Ross Stokley is available for individual and group coaching for both adults and children. His contact details are in the club and also on previous Updates. Once he has finished his University finals he will be around the club a lot more.

Unfortunately, it seems that Scott is no longer available for coaching.


A bit random but does anyone know where the purple kettle has gone?



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