Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone from Jane Bowden

Happy New Year to everyone. It would have been nice to say it in person but the snow has rather restricted tennis activities recently! Hopefully though, the sharp frosts and low temperatures will have continued to benefit the courts by killing the algae.

Evening tennis begins again next Thursday 8th at 6pm at George Spencer Academy. All welcome and a good way to put new year resolutions into practice!

Social – No-one responded to the suggestion that it would be good for someone else to organise the next social. I am not sure if that is because

  • no-one wants to do it
  • no-one wants a social, or
  • no-one reads my emails!

So, in an effort to find out which of these applies, please could you answer the following questions:

  1. Would you (and your partner) be interested in a ‘start of season’ social, i.e. a meal, in March/April time?
  2. If so, do you have any suggestions for where we might go? (localish, not too pricey, good food/atmosphere)
  3. Would a Friday evening be OK?
  4. Would anyone else like to do the organising? (I’m happy(ish) to do it if there are enough people interested and no-one else wants to do it although it would be nice to share out the jobs!)

Lookoing forward to hearing from you.

Next committee meeting is Monday 12th January at Lorraine’s house.


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