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News for Members by Jane Bowden
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Dear All

Having just completed a thorough spring clean and update of my Attenborough contacts I am just hoping that this will actually reach people! The great thing is the number of new people I have added to the circulation list, especially the Juniors/Students. Welcome to everyone! These Updates are a way of keeping you informed of anything going on at the club and come out on a fairly ad hoc basis. We are hoping to get the website sorted out (it is currently rather out of date) and will eventually use that as the means to communicate with everyone.


We are currently in the middle of the club tournament and some regular club activities may not have court space as we try to get the rounds out of the way before Finals’ Day on Sunday 20th July. Everyone is welcome to come to Finals’ Day to watch, support and participate. We will need some line judges and umpires. There will also be the usual tea so if you are coming it would be helpful if you could bring something to contribute to the tea – a few sandwiches, cakes or savouries. Events usually start fairly early around midday but check the board for final details.

Social Play

Once the tournament is over normal adult social play will resume:

  • Mondays at 6.00pm
  • Saturdays from 1.30pm
  • Sundays from 1.30pm

Junior social play is scheduled for Sunday mornings 9.00 till 10.30am but courts may be used by Juniors at other times when they are not required for adult play, i.e. most days! Just check the schedule of play. Please note, however, that if the clubhouse is not open then they will need to provide their own balls and if the artificial grass courts are used

  • avoid court 1 (the court nearest the gate) to reduce wear
  • wear appropriate shoes
  • brush the courts after use


Having played in a match recently at which a new record was set for the number of balls lost (9!), I’m perhaps not the right person to be reminding members about making every effort to retrieve lost balls! However, we do spend a lot of money on balls and it would be helpful if members could ensure that they retrieve lost balls where they can do so safely.


Our coaching team from On The Ball are working hard to provide a comprehensive coaching programme to meet the needs of beginners to more advanced players, and from Juniors to adult players. There are already a large number of sessions provided but it is planned to offer more:

  • Open Evenings on about 5 Tuesday evenings through the school holidays from 4.30 to 6.30 for anyone wanting to try tennis for free
  • small group sessions for team members to work on doubles tactics and skills if members would like these (not free!)
  • to continue to run the Step into Tennis scheme

Details of the Open Evenings are still to be confirmed but Step into Tennis information can be obtained from On the Ball. If you are interested in the small group sessions then please let me (for ladies) and Bob or Mike (for men) know.

Members who would prefer to have individual lessons can contact On The Ball directly or can contact one of their coaches from the list which will shortly be appearing in the club house!


As we still do not have anyone to oversee the grounds and garden we are attempting to find a reliable local gardener to employ. Does anyone know of such a person? If so please can you contact Sorriya.

Next Committee Meeting

Monday 11th August


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